DF-915 falsmaskin

Pris: 19 400 kr + moms.

Kontakta Lasse på info@axmin.se eller ring 0739203600 för mer information.

Paper Size: A3 to B7 *With some exceptions
Paper Type: Fine quality, Stencil, Art/Coated (with some exceptions)
PaperWEIGHT: 52.3 to 157g/m2
Paper Feed Capacity: 500 sheets *64g/m2, Fine quality
Maximum Process Speed: 200 sheets per minute*64g/m2, Fine quality, B4 single fold
Counter: 4 digits (count up/down)
Fold Correction Adjustment: 36 types
Paper Feed: 3 rings, Automatic separation
Skew Correction: Supported
Paper Sensor: Misfeed, Paper jam
Other Functions: Forced ejection, Stopper set
Power Consumption: Maximum: 95W
On standby: 17W
Dimensions: 1,086 (W) x 524 (D) x 497 (H) mm (in operation)
655 (W) x 524 (D) x 497 (H) mm (not in operation)
Weight: 41 kg